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Why Are Digital X-Rays Important For Animals?

Using digital x-rays for pets allows us to provide better care for your pets, and it helps us detect symptoms that aren’t revealed by traditional film x-rays. Below, we’ll explain the importance of x-rays for pets and how they help us detect symptoms early on and provide the best treatment for your pet.

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Tips For Crate Training Your Puppy

If you’re wondering whether you should crate train your puppy, the answer is a clear yes for several reasons. Crate training takes advantage of your dog’s instinct to seek small places. In fact, your pup’s crate can (and should) be a space where they feel comfortable and safe.

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Tips For Giving Your Pets Their Medications

Giving medications to a cat or dog can be a challenge for new pet parents. If your vet prescribes medication for your dog or cat, they’re doing it in your pet’s best interest. If you follow your vet’s guidelines and learn the tips and tricks we’ve outlined for you, you’ll discover that giving your pet a pillis not a difficult ta...

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Spring Into Shape!

As bathing suit season approaches and we all try to shed our last few holiday pounds don’t forget your 4-legged family members. According to the AVMA, 58.3 % of cats and 52.5 % of dogs are overweight or obese. Pets that are 20% over their ideal weight are considered overweight and 40% over their ideal weight are considered obese...

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