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What You Need To Know About Pet Snakes

It’s not every day you hear about someone’s pet snake, but that doesn’t mean they’re not equally as loved and sought after as your typical cat or dog. Many people are passionate about their snakes because of their loving presence and rare beauty. If you’re interested in adding a snake to your family, it’s crucial to learn about how to care for it and recognize common health issues that may affect your pet.

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For A Pet Snake

Educating yourself about how to care for your pet snake is an essential part of creating healthy living conditions for your snake to thrive in. Here are some fundamental care elements to be aware of:

  • The Terrarium: Usually a 20-gallon terrarium makes for ample snake space. These animals should be kept separately in an extra secure enclosure — they are known for being escape artists!
  • Bedding: Putting a layer of Aspen shavings in your pet’s dwelling will enable it to burrow and get comfortable.
  • Lighting and Heating: Climate control is the most important aspect when it comes to caring for your snake. They need a warm side of the tank complete with a heating lamp and UV lights.
  • Humidity: You can use a hydrometer to control the moisture levels of your snake’s habitat. If their home gets too dry, it makes moving around difficult.
  • Hiding Spots: Living in a glass house means limited privacy. You’ll want to put a small cave or shelter on the warm side of the tank, so your snake has somewhere to hide.



Health Issues For Snakes

Knowing what to look for when it comes to common health problems for snakes is an important first step of preventative health care measures. Below are a few diseases your snake may encounter:

  • Respiratory Diseases: When a snake suffers from a respiratory infection, it may start breathing with its mouth wide open. Acting fast by calling a vet is key to avoiding worsening conditions for your beloved pet.
  • Shedding Problems: If you notice your snake partially shedding its skin, it’s a sign that their nutritional balance is off or that there’s not enough humidity in the cage. Either way, soaking your pet in water might do the trick.
  • Eye Problems: Eye infections can be the result of improper handling where extra fluid builds up in and around the eyes of your pet. Luckily, antibiotics can take care of this common health issue.
  • Blister Disease: If you detect a reddening of the lower part of your snake’s body, it’s possible your pet has this disease. Fighting this infection early is important in ensuring your pet’s health improves quickly.


When To Call A Snake Vet

The moment you notice something is wrong with your pet, call your vet immediately. Waiting too long to contact your snake vet could have fatal consequences — it’s always better to err on the side of safety.

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What Our Clients Have To Say

I wasn’t holding my breath that a vet would work hard to help diagnose my leopard gecko. I was wrong. The doctor worked hard to diagnose why our pet lizard stopped eating & ran a battery of tests.

Paulina Testerman

Vets and staff are knowledgeable and efficient. Clean and friendly Vet office. My dog now goes in to see her Vet with out balking.

Sara Little

Dr. Fink was just super with the Bruiser on his last visit. The entire staff was attentive, caring and professional. We would highly recommend University Animal Clinic to all who love their pets and want the best care for them.


All employees are amazing with animals. I am glad I found a Vet’s office that makes me feel that my 5 months old puppy is in the best hands

Heide Myrick

Even with full covid-19 protection our Basset was well cared for by the staff, I received detailed home care instructions and got a ‘checking on you’ call the next day. Our basset is on the way to revovery. Perfect outcome. Great caring friendly staff.

Stan Yonkauski

Met Dr. Sam and Dr. Fink today and was very impressed. We have been a client of University Animal Clinic since it opened with Dr. Rill. My wife and I feel very comfortable with these ladies and plan to keep our relationship with them. The staff and Dr’s are very helpful and friendly.

Pet Parent

The very best of care, the entire staff always gives their all and truly cares about both patient and parents! You won’t find a better clinic in Sarasota.

Ron Marano

My dogs, Max and Leo, always have a very positive experience at UAC. The staff is friendly and professional. The office is efficient and clean. I appreciate the ability to check on the dogs’ vaccinations, etc., on the pet portal. Great vet practice.

Ronni Silverman

The entire staff was friendly and professional. Dr. Sam was extremely knowledgeable, kind, and eased my anxiety. Even though I was worried they comforted me, answered all of my questions, and took great care of my fur baby.

Zach Gennette

It is very difficult to find an avian vet who is kind while not sugar coating what can be bad news. I had no idea conures get cataracts as they get older, helped me understand my bird’s actions. The Dr. is wonderful!

Jessica Sakas
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