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How To Train Your Cat To Stop Scratching Your Furniture

You love your cat, from their toe beans to their biscuit-making skills and everything in between. But those cute paws aren’t so adorable when they add another row of claw marks to your favorite chair. There’s good news, though — you can stop your cat from scratching furniture and direct them to authorized scratching zones.

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How To Introduce Your Pet To Your New Baby

Having a baby changes everything — for you, your family and your pet. We all know change can shake things up. Luckily, with a little preparation and the right attitude, you can introduce your pet to the new baby without trouble. Training your pet to associate feelings of calm, positivity and love with your new baby is a must.

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How To Properly Clean Your Dog’s Ears

If you clean your dog’s ears during your pet’s regular hygiene routine, you’ll keep them healthy and prevent infections. For dogs with floppy ears, you should clean the ears at least once a week. You can also find out if your dog’s ears need cleaning by examining them every weekend to know if there’s a lot of wax, oil or dirt in...

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