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Dog-Friendly Breweries In Sarasota

Sometimes you want a brew with your friend, but what happens when you want to grab a beer with man’s best friend? Sarasota has you covered with a range of dog-friendly breweries in the area.

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Does My Pet Have An Allergy?

As much as we want to, sometimes it’s difficult to understand what is going on with our pets. They function differently than we do, even with conditions like allergies. Although similar factors set off animal allergies, pets don’t react the same way as humans — for instance, you might be wondering, “why is my dog itching?”

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Alternatives To Declawing Cats

Declawing a cat is a procedure, also known as an onychectomy, which permanently removes the cat’s claws and part of the bones in the toes as well. Most animal experts strongly advise against the process, and some municipalities have even banned declawing.

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