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Please check one
Does your reptile receive sunlight?
Does the sunlight pass through glass or plastic before reaching the reptile?
Artificial lighting
Do you have a thermometer(s) in the cage?
What device(s) are used to maintain the temperature?
Is there a thermostat?
Is the temperature decreased at night?
Is there a thermostat?
Is the cage misted?
Is the humidity measured?
Is your reptile supervised when it is out?
Is supplemental heating provided outside the cage?
Is the reptile ever taken outside?
Do you gave other pets?
Are any of your other pets ill?

What percent of your reptile's diet consists of the following (please describe what the animal actually eats, rather than what is offered): % list types

Are they fed
Was it normal?
Do you plan on breeding this animal?
Has your reptile ever had difficulty laying?
Were the offspring healthy?
Is your reptile here for a
Is your reptile's general activity level:
Have you noticed any of the following?
Has your reptile been seen by another veterinarian for any of the current problems?

***Did you know that most reptiles carry Salmonella that can infect humans? *** Please read and keep the attached handout on Salmonella

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