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How To Meet Pet Owners In Sarasota, FL


Without a doubt, your pet brings a lot of joy, love and fulfillment to your life. Being a pet parent is one of the most important parts of your life. If you are looking to form new friendships or relationships with people who share your same pet passions, there are all kinds of opportunities in Sarasota County.

3 Ways To Meet Pet Owners

Whether you have a mini dachshund or a Great Dane, here are three of the best ways to get out and meet fellow pet owners:

1. Local Dog Parks

Your local dog park is a great spot to meet other pet parents who love spending time outdoors with their furry friends. Here, you can find pets of all breeds, ages and sizes — and just as many different types of owners. As you play fetch or watch your pups run around with each other, you’ll probably find several things in common.

Strike up a conversation, and if everything goes well, you can suggest a day and time to meet up again at dog-friendly parks for a puppy play day.

2. Pet-Friendly Activities

There are all kinds of pet-friendly activities going on throughout the year. From obedience classes to dock diving and agility lessons, find something you think your pet may enjoy, and sign up for a class. Another way to meet other owners is to take your pup along with you to pet-friendly activities like local farmers markets or festivals.

3. Groups You Can Join

Many breeds have groups that regularly meet up to socialize and allow pets to hang out with their own kind. This idea is a great way to find others who share a common passion — and breed. There are also dating-specific sites that can match you to potential partners who love pets just as much as you do.

Discover The Highest Level Of Veterinary Medicine

If you live in the Sarasota community, make sure your pets will be well taken care of throughout the year. As an AAHA-Accredited vet, University Animal Clinic is committed to delivering the highest level of care for pets ranging from dogs and cats to reptiles and exotic pets.

We offer a full range of services, including preventive medicine, annual exams and check-ups. We are also equipped with ultrasound technology and can provide surgical procedures ranging from spaying and neutering to more intricate surgeries.

Give us a call at (941) 253-5218, or reach out online to schedule an appointment.

What Our Clients Have To Say

I took my galah Rosie for a general physical. The staff and vet took the time to show me (as a new bird owner) how to clip nails and wings and what to look for as far as outward signs of her health.

Susanne Arbagy

I just moved to Florida, and looking for a veterinarian I came across university animal clinic walking around the plaza so I decided to stop in and get information on the veterinarians, the women at the front desk was so kind and caring, I unfortunately forgot her name.

Karen Hulty

Can’t recommend highly enough!!! The staff is extremely friendly and the Vet is energetic and very knowledgeable and easy to talk to! They work with exotic animals which is a plus! We brought our bearded dragon that formed an abscess and they had her all fixed up in 20 minutes!!

Ian Preston

I love Dr. Rill. Our little Cafe had been struggling with an ear infection for almost a year and Dr, Rill never gave up on making her better. I learned so much from him. I love his assistants! They are kind and treat the animals with respect. And, they are kind to us humans as well.

Pet Parent

Great clinic for a ferret! Friendly staff, professional doctor!


I am, as I have been for a good 20 years, still a satisfied patron of University Animal Clinic. They do their best consistently and take comments to heart and make changes to serve our pets better.

Pet Parent

Thank you to Doctor Simonson, Casey, Dr. Sam and the rest of the team for taking care of Wrangler! You all treated him like a pet of your own and made me feel so comfortable leaving him with you to watch over after such a scary incident. Everyone at your office is so knowledgeable and caring.

Jennifer Tee

Best EVER!!! Dr. Leigh is fantastic!!! I am moving my dog’s care to her. This is after growing up with the same vet (22 years). She spent time with my dog and did a thorough examination. She took time to discuss treatment plans for her arthritis. Dr. Leigh and the techs are so knowledgeable.

Dog Parent

I wasn’t holding my breath that a vet would work hard to help diagnose my leopard gecko. I was wrong. The doctor worked hard to diagnose why our pet lizard stopped eating & ran a battery of tests.

Paulina Testerman

Vets and staff are knowledgeable and efficient. Clean and friendly Vet office. My dog now goes in to see her Vet with out balking.

Sara Little
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