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What Can Heat Do To Your Pet?


Have you ever thought about leaving your pet in the car while you just run into the store for a quick second? In just ten minutes a cars internal temperature can reach a scorching 104 degrees. And after twenty minutes it can be up to 114 degrees. Now think about that quick trip into the store, are you still sure it will take under ten minutes? If not there can be severe consequences to your loved one.

Exposure to excessive external temperatures will cause a rise in the core body temp of a pet. Dogs are not as efficient at releasing heat as we are and as such can become over heated quickly. This can be worse in brachycephalic breeds (shorter snout) such as; pugs, bulldogs, and Boston terriers that naturally have difficulty panting as well as overweight pets. Once the internal temperature is above 104 degrees this becomes an emergency that if not treated can become life threatening. Some early signs and risk factors to look for would be excessive panting, excessive thirst, thickened saliva, and bright red tongue with pale gums. Some later symptoms can be collapse, disorientation, seizures, vomiting, or diarrhea.

If your pet is suffering from heatstroke, they should be taken to the Vet for help. On the way to your veterinarian you can do some simple things to help your loved ones outcome and start decreasing their temp right away. First remove them from the heat and then start with cool wet rags and water pads. Never use ice on an overheated pet as it will constrict the blood vessels on the skins surface decreasing their ability to dissipate heat and cause the internal temp to continue to rise. If you have rubbing alcohol available you can place some on the paw pads. Once at your veterinarians they will place your pet on intravenous fluids, check his blood count, and continue to slowly cool them.

The key to a positive outcome is the speed at which you start the cooling process and getting the pet to your vet as soon as possible. So as the summer is approaching make sure your pets have plenty of free water and try to keep them out of direct sunlight especially in the heat of the day to avoid heat exhaustion/stroke.

What Our Clients Have To Say

Yesterday was our first visit to this clinic. I brought my 6 year old Goffin Cockatoo Chance in for a wellness check and nail trim and also to discuss her ongoing feather plucking issues. Dr. Leigh Samanowitz was Amazing as were all the staff.

Margie Bauer

We’ve always had a great experience at University Animal Clinic. The doctors and team are all very knowledgeable and friendly. They get back to you in a timely manner and work with you when it comes to scheduling appointments.

Natalie Platt

I’m from New Jersey and our dog was hit by a car the day we arrived. The staff at the clinic were amazing. We went to the cliniceget out dog’s stitches out and both JJ (the nurse) and Dr. Sam both sat on the floor to make him feel comfortable.

Lambi Newsham

Dr Sam was very sweet, knowledgable and took the time to explain everything to me. The nurses and front desk staff were wonderful.

Kaila Baziuk

Dr Sam and staff are friendly, knowledgeable and truly care about your pets health and happiness! We wouldn’t trust our babies with any one else.

Sherry O’Neill

Very nice and welcoming entree, king and professional vet and nurse. Thank you very much, I will come back and be happy to recommend you

Simone Lutz

There are several Clinics near me so that say it all! Looking for the best care for your pet go no further. Starting with the Staff they are all caring, have excellent listening skills, and properly follow up and the facility is always clean. Dr.

Stephen Pierannunzi SR

The team at University Animal Clinic is so compassionate and caring, organized and punctual, responsive and appreciated!! Thank you so very much for all of your support and expertise.

Tamara Knapp

I took my galah Rosie for a general physical. The staff and vet took the time to show me (as a new bird owner) how to clip nails and wings and what to look for as far as outward signs of her health.

Susanne Arbagy

I just moved to Florida, and looking for a veterinarian I came across university animal clinic walking around the plaza so I decided to stop in and get information on the veterinarians, the women at the front desk was so kind and caring, I unfortunately forgot her name.

Karen Hulty
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