Dr. Leigh Samanowitz

Dr. Leigh Samanowitz


Dr. Samanowitz earned a bachelors of science degree in zoology from the University of Florida before attending and graduating from Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine. After veterinary school, she moved back to Florida with her husband Sam and their Sheepdog “Chloe” and cockatiel “Sunny”. Dr. Samanowitz has begun a veterinary student job program that has allowed her to mentor veterinary students across the country to gain experience in the hospital setting prior to graduating. Dr. Samanowitz in her spare time loves to do triathlons and mud/obstacle runs, she is also an avid scrapbooker.

Dr. Leigh Samanowitz
University Animal Clinic

Hello! I'm Doctor Leigh Samanowitz, owner and veterinarian here at University Animal Clinic.

Doctor Sam, why did you choose this profession?

I always loved animals and wanted to be in veterinary medicine. But there was a while that I wanted to do zoo medicine. That's where my family always met when I was younger, so I have a special love for the zoo. I really thought this was what I was going to do for a while, but I was able to transition that into general veterinary practice and also see a lot of exotic pets. Seeing birds, reptiles, and small mammals has become my passion!

What is your favorite species to work with?

Like any good mom, we never choose a favorite, but I have a special love for birds. I just find them so fascinating. They have lungs and air sacks. They lay eggs. They have so many things about them that are so different than any other species which makes them so interesting and challenging, and I love that.

What would be something people would be surprised to learn about you?

People would be surprised to learn about my funny little hobbies. I may be a little older than I appear in that I love to cross stitch! I love to knit. I've knit scarves and sweaters and baby hats, and I found that both of these hobbies actually play into veterinary medicine and that they really help with my finger dexterity in surgery. So, I got two for one.

What is your favorite part of veterinary care?

My favorite part of veterinary care is the human-animal bond, that bond between pet parents and being able to help pet parents make the best choices and decisions for their pets. Educating pet parents and helping to guide them to make the best choices for their pets. Pets are family members, and I just love getting to be a part of all these families and talking to these special people about their pets.

What is your favorite food?

I'm a sweet-aholic. I love candy. But if I had to pick one, my favorite candy would be gummy bears.

What is your favorite color?

As you can see from our aesthetic, my favorite color is yellow, but I love orange. I did put all of my bridesmaids in tangerine orange dresses for our wedding. But I love yellow more. It's just so sunny and warm and happy!

Let's have some fun! Quick-fire for this or that:

  • Sweet or Salty: Sweet
  • Mountains or Beach: Mountains
  • Swimming or Sunbathing: Swimming
  • Book or Movie: Book
  • Toilet paper preference over or under: Over, of course.
  • Facebook or Instagram: Instagram
  • Morning or Night: Night
  • Comedy or Drama: Comedy
  • Fantasy or Reality: Fantasy

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